Landscape Gardening

When we are offered a landscape gardening project we, just like the customer, will insist upon perfection.

Expert designs and the best available materials, whether new, recycled or reclaimed, will help provide you with your dream landscaped garden. No matter how large or small the project is, we will advise you on the best way forward for your project and we will also work to your specifications to help create a design, that is not only practical for your garden space but it will also be an excellent bespoke outdoor feature for you, your family and friends to gather around and enjoy.

Our portfolio of includes:

  • Landscaping
  • All types of paving using natural and manufactured products
  • Garden features
  • Patios
  • and much more...

Garden Clearance

The best way to start your garden dream is with a blank canvas! With a garden clearance, you can feel totally motivated to transform the space into a garden you want to spend time in.

We're experts in clearing gardens, no matter how neglected they've been. If you really can't face the task yourself, then why not let us take away all the hassle?

Garden Design

Designing a garden is a fabulous way of being creative and involved in your garden. If you have ideas of your own, we love hearing them - after all, it's YOUR garden, but we can also offer input and knowledge about things you may not have considered.

From the types of plants that compliment each other, to ensuring a safe, reliable water feature, or lighting system - we can take on as much or little design as you require.

Garden Maintenance

A great garden requires a little love and attention from time to time. Although intelligently designed gardens can keep the maintenance down to a minimum - keeping on top of a garden is essential if you want to keep it looking at its best.

If you're living a busy lifestyle, or just love enjoying a garden, but not the maintenance, don't worry... we offer tailored garden maintenance packages specific to your garden and your needs. From intensive maintenance, to simple hedge trimming, weeding and mowing duties.

Tree Work

We adore trees, and they usually make a positive improvement to most gardens... but they aren't without their problems.

Taking care of trees can be hard work, particularly for the elderly, but also for those not comfortable with heights, or dangerous tools.

That's where we can help. We can take care of troublesome trees, pruning branches and keeping on top of fast growing Conifers.