Indian Stone Driveways

India is amongst one of the largest producers of raw stone materials. The beauty of Indian stone is its colour variations and textures.

Indian stone paving is our speciality. Not only is it a great feature of a beautiful landscaped garden or patio, but because of its durability it can also be used on driveaways.

We pride ourselves in selecting and sourcing the very best Indian stone for your project.

Stone Walling

Stone walling and dry stone walling can be an extra admired touch for your landscaped garden or an added feature to your adjacent driveway.

Whatever size or shape wall you require - we can build it, in a variety of different stone types to suit your home and garden.

Our walls are not purely for decorative purposes, but offer true structural integrity, ideal for long lasting designs.

Different kinds of stone are used to provide traditonal, rustic or modern designs. We cover all aspects stone walling, including driveway walling, garden walls, retaining walls and rendered walls for a variey of different projects.If you would like to discuss your walling requirements please call us, use our contact form or send an email.